Young Woman Broadcasts Suicide To Instagram – jojotsai1012

jojotsai1012Eine junge Chinesin teilt auf Instagram Bilder von den letzten Minuten ihres Lebens – und alles, was sie als Reaktion bekommt, sind „Likes“. Niemand bietet dem verzweifelten Mädchen Hilfe an. Doch die Frage bleibt offen: Hat sich „jojotsai1012“ wirklich umgebracht?

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A young woman from China who went by the username jojostai1012 may have actually broadcast her suicide to her Instagram followers. She posted, “I will haunt you day and night after I’m dead,” apparently in reference to her ex-boyfriend. She then posted a photo of several possessions set on fire–things that appeared to be books, clothes and possibly electronics–along with the caption “let it burn, all the things like ashes float away.” The next image simply shows feet dangling over the side of a building, and then there are no more photos.

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